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Domica Hill

Acrylic on Canvas

130x130cm Framed in Raw Oak Float Frame

"Our Matriarch" is a vibrant depiction of unity and reverence, bathed in the warm glow of a golden sun whose rays cascade over the entire scene. Dominating the center is the large Aboriginal symbol for a female, embodying the strength and wisdom of the matriarch. From the sides, two wavy lines with smaller people symbols converge towards her, symbolising the community's journey and connection to their guiding figure. Kangaroo and Emu footprints lead towards the matriarch, representing the harmony between the people and the natural world. Below, blooming flowers flourish above large hills, symbolising growth and vitality. At the lower center, interconnected people lead upward, illustrating the unity and collective strength of the community, all drawn together by the matriarch's enduring influence.

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