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 Domica Hill

An Australian Indigenous Artist sharing her story and culture through art.

A collection of contemporary Aboriginal hand painted premium artworks brought to life, each with their own unique story that will bring a little bit of Indigenous culture into your home.

Artist Bio

Bass Coast based Contemporary Aboriginal Artist, Domica Hill, has been edging her skills in art for the past three years. Originally a secondary school teacher, Domica has spent the past two years working with Wanyara. Through this cultural education program she has combined her teaching and creative skills to enlighten students all over Victoria about the history of Aboriginal Art, whilst enabling them to blend in their own stories and unique style.

This path found her exploring symbols and stories from past ancestors and she is now using her talent to extend this into her own works, utilizing a contemporary style combined with some traditional elements to tell stories of the surrounding country she lives on.

Domica’s Art has been used for various products and advertisements with the Bass Coast Shire Council as well as currently collaborating with a number of companies ranging from beauty products to cloth nappies to other homewares and décor items.

2 products

2 products