Wellness Tea Gift Set

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Send your loved one the gift of wellness. This Wellness Tea Gift Set includes four tea blends + a stainless steel tea infuser – perfect for a single cup. Blends include Immune Tea, Cleansing Tea, Restful Tea and Energy Tea. All blends are 100% ACO organic certified and naturopathically formulated to nurture health and wellbeing. Beautiful to instil relaxation, wellness and calm as a gift or just for yourself.

Share the gift of wellness with the Wellness Tea Gift Set.

Are you having a day where your energy levels are just not stable? The Energy Tea might just be what you have been looking for. It is a naturally sweet and softly spiced oriental tea that has reinvigorating benefits, from supporting adrenals to regulating blood sugar. The Energy Tea Sample Sachet in our Wellness tea gift pack serves 8-9 cups.

This herbal immunity blend is naturopathically formulated to fortify and boost your overall wellbeing. Although it was created with people suffering from cold and flu in mind, this healthy, restorative blend can be enjoyed every day. The Immune Tea Sample Sachet in our Wellness tea gift box serves 8-9 cups.

The purifying Cleansing Tea with its floral mint taste and a touch of ginger is a delicious and effective detox. A gentle system cleanse makes your skin feel beautiful and smooth. The soft blend supports kidneys, the lymphatics and the liver. The Cleansing Tea Sample Sachet in our Wellness tea gift set serves 8-9 cups.

Sometimes you just need a break to restore. The Restful Tea with its lemon and fresh lavender taste will slow down time for you and just help you relax your body, mind and soul by calming your nervous system. It is a cup of warming meditation that can lead to a moment of serenity and help achieve a peaceful state. The Restful Tea Sample Sachet in our Wellness gift box serves 8-9 cups.

Our handy tea infuser is a convenient method for brewing loose leaf tea – no need for tea bags. Simply scoop your organic herbs into the chamber, and brew straight into the cup.

Serving: Our Wellness Tea Gift Set serves 32 – 36 cups in total.

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